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Certified Fraud Investigator (CFI) Program

Qualification and Application Process

The purpose of the Certification Program is to recognize members of the CFCIA who demonstrate advanced job knowledge and skills in detecting, preventing, investigating and prosecuting fraud and financial crimes. It promotes ethical and legal practices in the investigative and research field and can provide the member credibility as an expert witness in both criminal and civil proceedings. The Certified Fraud Investigator Certification Program standards are set to promote professionalism within the CFCIA, the industry, and organizations that promote the prevention, investigation and prosecution of fraud and financial crimes.

The title of Certified Fraud Investigator will be awarded to members of the CFCIA who have met the minimum standards and qualifications and have passed a comprehensive written examination.

Application and Minimum Standards

Study Material / Exam and Testing

Certification and Training Standards


The Recertification Exam will be conducted the same day as the Certificate Exam and all rules and regulations will be applied.

Those members who were certified during the Pilot Test Program and are still members in good standing are automatically certified and will not have to recertify for three years.

Sample CFI Certificate

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CFI Verification

Employers or prospective employers may verify a member’s CFI status. Please complete the form below to request verification. All fields are required.

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